farm holidays
Our farm "Der Schulzenhof"
The Neumaier´s: Mary Bruno, Julia & FabianOur farm "Der Schulzenhof"
Our dog Lucky ;-) Our farm "Der Schulzenhof"
Our farm "Der Schulzenhof"
Our farm "Der Schulzenhof"
Our farm "Der Schulzenhof"


Our farm extends over 31 ha and is divided in 14 ha of pastures and 17 ha of wood.

We are Mary, 40 years old, educator and Bruno, 47 years old, farmer and locksmith and our three children Julia, 11 years old, Fabian, 10 years old and Anna, 6 years old as well as our dog Lucky.

We have 16 mother cows and offspring.
Also, we have pigs and hens on our farm.
Our rabbits, cats and lamas like it to be stroked.

In front of our house we have a big garden where you and your children can find two football goals, a playground, a swing, a slide, a sand box and a trampoline.

If the weather is bad we also have a room with a tabletop football, a game of dart and a small pool full of coloured balls.